Alex Kidd In Miracle World Is Getting A Remake

If you are a fan of Alex Kidd, I have some good news. Alex Kidd is getting a fresh and shiny new remake for PC, Xbox and Playstation in 2021. 

Originally released in 1986 and eventually bundled with the Master System, for some it was one of the first games they played on the system, although later being eclipsed by sonic.  

Merge Games announced Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX during IGN’s Summer of Gaming event in June, with a release date not yet confirmed but it will be sometime in 2021. 

Alex Kidd DX

Did you know? 
Alex Kidd in Miracle World originally began development as a licensed tie-in game based on the Dragon Ball manga series. However, during development, Sega lost the Dragon Ball license and were forced to rework the game into an original property

The remake gives you options to play the game either in its original 8bit format or with updated graphics. It also includes a new boss rush mode.

I for one think the remake looks amazing and cannot wait to get my hands on it, what about you?


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