Super Mario Sunshine Needs A Remake!

As gamers, we all have that one opinion that is seen as against the norm or simply not popular. I actually have more than a few of these, but one that many people cannot fathom is my strong dislike for Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube!

I have felt this way since I first played it when it was originally released on the Nintendo GameCube! But before I tell you why I really do not like Super Mario Sunshine and why I feel it is a game that really does need to be remade, let me tell you what I do like about it.

First of all, it is the most cinematic and story driven core Super Mario game and I think that is awesome. It has a proper story that you play through, introduces Bowser Junior and the voice acting is a lot of fun and very well done. If I am honest, I do wish that some of the other Mario games since this one had the same kind of storytelling and voice acting that this one has. I think that it really was the story that drove me to beat Super Mario Sunshine….. but it was beaten very grudgingly and let me tell you why.

Super Mario Sunshine has the worst controls of any 3D Super Mario game. I know that some of you love this game and have no issues with the controls and that is cool, but for me, they are far too twitchy. No other Mario game plays like this and I spent more time fighting with the controls and the camera than I have done in this game than all the other 3D Mario games combined! I felt that Fludd was an awesome idea and even an awesome character. But the execution for me left a lot to be desired. I would always run out of the water at the most inconvenient moment, be a mile away from somewhere to replenish it and in general, using Fludd was nowhere near as much fun as it should have been.

Super Mario Sunshine is a game that I can watch people play on YouTube and really enjoy what I am seeing, some people have nailed this game and can make Mario look incredibly athletic. But despite giving this game the benefit of the doubt for over a decade and trying and trying again to get to grips with it, I just can’t! there is no way in hell I could go back and do some of those Red Coin challenges where you have to get all of the red coins. I remember that the one and only time I beat it giving me a feeling of real relief that I had gotten through it. To be honest with you I was glad the whole thing was over!

Super Mario Sunshine is a game that still looks great, sounds great and I think it has one of the most interesting stories of any Super Mario game. But I do feel that giving it the HD treatment and with some tighter, less twitchy controls could make it one of the best 3D Mario games of all time.

I would love to know if anyone else out there is not a huge fan of Super Mario Sunshine and feel it could do with a remake.

UPDATE: Super Mario Sunshine seems to be coming to the Nintendo Switch some time soon. 

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