Greetings & Salutations

by Bold Apps January 04, 2018

Greetings & Salutations

Hi I’d like to introduce myself properly, my name is Evan and I am now the new owner of the page thethrowbackgamer &

Yeah, I know it’s massive. Lee has spent a massive amount of time building this brand and I am honoured that he has decided to pass the torch on to me. 

So where does that leave everything??  Well I have begun some changes of my own the last few months!! Exciting times I must say.

Some background about me, I’m a massive retro gamer since the days of playing Kid Icarus on the NES with my cousin till 6am, till his sisters knocked on the door asking if we’ve slept…..umm yeah sure we did.  I live in Melbourne, Australia, the great land down under!!! I’m a massive retro gamer and collector.  You may have seen some vintage retro games on the Instagram page recently, they are mine.  Mind you if you are a collector and love admiring stuff like that, I started my instagram @oldschoolretroau a while back.  I’ve also helped international collectors locate rarer titles they can’t find in their own country.  I know Australia had some hidden gems that were not available to the rest of the world.

Onto the future, well the reason why I took this page over was that I wanted to be part of something I have a strong passion in, and also can give me an opportunity to flex my entrepreneurial mind, selling a product that I truly believe in, which are those amazing snapbacks on

Speaking of the site, yeah I know, everything’s sold out!!!!!! What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!! I completely understand, once taking over the site, I decided to move fulfilment companies so close to Christmas, which meant it was done as smoothly as possible (Note the sarcasm).  Because of that shipments were delayed and were ultimately refunded to those customers, who I thank for being so patient.  Once everything is organized logistics wise, I will update the site and make a whole heap of posts to let people know you can purchase the snapbacks again.

Not only that, I am planning on introducing new designs for snapbacks that have been playing around in my head, more to come in the future. I also have organized some new designs for keychains as well, which look great.  ‘

Lastly if you do live in Australia, I will be selling hats at the RTX, internet and gaming convention on the 3-4 February in Sydney.  Get in to see us, I will be there with a whole heap of those hats people love so much.

In regards to this blog, I will do my best to keep the world up to date about some of the classics that bring back that nostalgia we all have when we load up our favourite game.  I will be publishing them both on this blog and on so make sure you subscribe to both. :)

Thank you for reading my ramblings and also for the support thethrowbackgamer page has received, hopefully we can share more stories together in the future.



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